Awareness to Co-create a Regeneration-Driven World | AMARNA Vida

Now with mobile technology, artificial intelligence, and connectivity, young people can connect and immerse themselves from anywhere on the Internet at any time or place.

Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs – intend to contribute to sustainable and regenerative development.

In post-Covid-19 moments, and in the middle of a huge economic and social crisis, which extent and impact is still unknown at the present moment, one thing we know: nothing will be

Does your organisation integrate profit with purpose? Sales with service? and money with meaning? If yes, your organisation must be a “conscious organisation”. 

There’s a general understanding that all organisations’ endeavours cause some form of impact on the landscape.

“Great leaders are awake, aware and attuned to themselves, to others, and to the world around them…they seek to live in full consciousness of self, others, nature and society.”&nbs