AMARNA Consulting

Transforming Your Organisation

To Thrive as a Regenerative Living System,

maximising stakeholder value, while contributing to a regeneration-driven world.

Be an Efficient, Effective, Self-perpetuating, and Regeneration-driven Organisation.
Be more Engaging, Trustworthy, Inclusive, Conscious, and Profitable.
Operate in an Agile, Responsive, Adaptive, Flexible, Resilient, and Innovative Way.
Restore, Renew and Replenish to Preserve the Planet.

AMARNA Consulting Model

Strategic Regeneration-Driven Organisation Model

We develop the Strategic Regeneration-Driven Organisation Model (SRO Model) that lies at the core of AMARNA Consulting operations.

With our SRO Model, we provide a transdisciplinary and holistic framework for the creation of a regeneration-driven organisation.

Purpose & Vision

By having an authentic heartfelt purpose as the life force of creation, enables your organisation to define its true brand identity and create its desired culture as a thriving living regenerative system.

AMARNA Consulting facilitates the co-creation process of clearly defining your organisation’s authentic heartfelt purpose, according to a regenerative logic of management.

Once defined, we also support the commitment to make it real and consistently actionable by all the stakeholders. We then, periodically assess that your organisation is truly living in alignment with your purpose.

We utilize a specific framework, which embodies your authentic purpose, and aligns it with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By doing so, your organisation exists to create a meaningful impact in the world, while enhancing your financial performance.


By having conscious leaders, your organisation is empowered to transform purpose into meaningful action.

AMARNA Consulting guides leaders in expanding their self-awareness so they are now able to outperform from a place of interconnectedness between their “inner nature” of intuition and imagination, and their “analytical mind” of logic.

We also support leaders to become consciously aware of the network of systems within the living organisation, and with that, empower every stakeholder to serve society with their full potential.

Through our training, coaching and mentoring programs, we are accountable for developing leaders’ strengths, enabling them to perform with a superior sense of integrity and connectedness, while being committed to building an enduring culture that can prosper purposefully, even in the most challenging times.

Culture & Values

By having a values-driven culture that promotes individual and collective transformation, your organisation outperforms market competition through creating a regenerative living system of change.

AMARNA Consulting guides your organisation through a process of transformational change.

The tonality of this change must be established and supported by the senior leadership team.

These leaders are responsible for the creation of a “nest” that promotes a rich quality of interaction, where people want to be part of, and share, in authentic, clear and respectful ways. Through creating a culture of engagement, belonging, ownership, and compassion, your organisation becomes unified, and resultantly, the vision and purpose are brought to life.

We do this by utilising user-friendly, detailed and insightful systemic tools, specifically designed for cultural transformation. We also provide educational & training programs for your organisation’s leaders and employees, fostering a culture based on the qualities of regeneration-driven organisations.


By having engaged stakeholders, your organisation is more capable of achieving long-term organic growth.

AMARNA Consulting implements strategies that improve operational effectiveness, while deepening the interconnected relationships among stakeholders, including leaders, employees, customers, suppliers, investors, partners, and ecological systems.

We integrate a stakeholders’ management process that takes a holistic approach, creating positive ripple effects for multiple win-win-wins, enabling your organisation to thrive.

Products, Services & Supply Chain

By having products, services & supply chains that are based on the circular economy, cradle-to-cradle, biophilic design, and biomimicry, your organisation creates a positive impact on human health, communities, and ecological systems.

AMARNA Consulting optimizes product and service life cycles, while improving supply chain engagement.

The expected results are to reduce the risks related to complex supply chains, contributing to natural capital conservation, as well as waste generation and carbon emission reductions.

We help your organisation in all the stages of having products or services from the start for long-term use, reuse, and recycling.

Built Environment, Infrastructures & IT

By having living, regenerative and adaptive buildings and infrastructures, your organisation has net zero pollutant emissions to the environment, and no negative impacts to occupants.

AMARNA Consulting supports organisations in the creation of buildings and infrastructures that are sustainable and regenerative.

We advise, assess, plan, design, and project manage, monitor & measure the built environment and infrastructures by using recognised assessment frameworks, including LEED, WELL Building Standard and SITES.

We also contribute to more sustainable and regenerative development, through planning, engineering the design, procurement, construction project management (EPC/Turnkey contract) of: Circular Economy, Waste & Wastewater Management, Waste-to-Energy, Water Management, Renewable Energy, and Digital Sustainability.

Land Use & Local Communities

By having a commitment to living in balance and harmony in nature, your organisation is able to contribute to regenerating the land and revitalising communities.

AMARNA Consulting provides the foundational thinking and management support needed for your organisation to contribute to the integrity of the landscape by rebuilding natural habitats and ecosystems.

We use an integrative design process, which organizes many complex streams of work, including the interconnection between the ecological patterns with the cultural patterns, creating a truly regenerative impact.

Once we capture the essence of your whole living community, we then advise, design, manage and monitor its integration, moving your organisation to an entirely new level of contribution towards: Regenerative landscapes; Regenerative agroforestry; Regenerative communities.

Brand Identity & Communication

By having a regenerative brand identity, your organisation is more favourably perceived among your stakeholders, while becoming an inspiration for others to follow.

AMARNA Consulting creates brand strategies that foster fully engaged customers who become long-term brand advocates.

By being perceived as an authentic regenerative organisation, your brand communication becomes simpler, more focused, less time-consuming, and less costly.

We achieve this by developing a long-term strategic and customised social media framework focused on driving growth and a triple-bottom-line approach (people, profit, planet).

AMARNA Consulting Services

Becoming a Regeneration-Driven Organisation

AMARNA Consulting provides high-end consulting services regarding the design, purpose, and creation of regeneration-driven organisations. We offer flexible services covering all the dimensions of the Strategic Regeneration-Driven Organisation Model as a whole, and each one of them individually.They are context-specific and designed according to our clients’ requirements.

1. Research & Trend Analysis

AMARNA Consulting provides insights into how other businesses in your industry sector, and beyond, are approaching cultural transformation, stakeholder engagement, circular economy, green building, sustainable structures, and other issues related with all the dimensions of the organisation.

We also analyse regulations, as well as identify risks and opportunities, which enables your organisation to drive stakeholder engagement by identifying their needs and expectations.

2. Assessments & Diagnostic Services

AMARNA Consulting specialists use organisational assessments to identify the organisation’s strengths and areas in need of improvement. In particularly, we use our own organisational assessment tool to identify the actual issues that need to be resolved in order for your organisation to become regeneration-driven.

Our assessments and diagnostic services include surveys, interviews, discussions, and focus groups with key stakeholders, as well as service process observation and a review of best practice comparisons to align the organisation’s processes with regenerative principles. This is the most critical starting point for initiating your organisation’s transformation.

For some issues, we use specific assessment tools. For example, to identify circular economy and cradle-to-cradle solutions that are more suitable for your organisation, we conduct a life cycle sustainability assessment, a material flow analysis, as well as map circular risks and opportunities in your business.

Regarding the solutions that are identified, we use modelling tools to access their costs, benefits, risks, and impact. We also use financial simulation tools to help determine the financial implications of these solutions.

Furthermore, it helps to eliminate inefficiencies in organisational structures and decision-making processes, to identify the root cause of blockages in your organisation’s development.

3. Strategic Planning Services

We support the definition of a strategic planning process that sets a clear direction of the organisation's position to thrive as a regeneration-driven organisation. We establish a roadmap for the next few years, on how your organisation can address new opportunities and challenges in a regenerative logic of management, knowing the system as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We facilitate meetings, conduct research, as well as analyse the results of the assessments and diagnostic tools. In doing so, we gather the necessary data to develop the strategic plan that allows your organisation to implement the strategies necessary to achieve established goals and objectives.

We also co-create the future vision of the organisation, providing foresight regarding the trends that identify market potentiality.

4. Advising & Counselling Services

AMARNA Consulting advises key leaders in capturing opportunities, transforming operations, reengineering digital processes, and managing risks, in order to thrive as a regeneration-driven organisation.

We provide options that empower your organisation to navigate complex issues with a whole system thinking approach.

5. Corporate Training & Coaching Services

AMARNA Consulting offers training and coaching to expand your leader’s consciousness, so they naturally embrace a whole systems approach, becoming ideal regeneration catalysts in your organisation.

We offer a range of corporate training programs, which can be customised to meet the requirements of your organisation.

These programs are designed to improve and broaden the skills and capacity of your executives, managers, and all other collaborators to develop their conscious and regenerative leadership skills, communication, build relationships, overcome challenges, accelerate their development, and achieve their goals.

Our training and coaching programs blend our international expertise as well as our local knowledge, providing developmental experiences that are flexible, interactive, and engaging

6. Architecture & Engineering Projects

AMARNA Consulting provides architectural and engineering services to support your organisation through the development and upgrade of your built environment and infrastructures. More specifically, energy, water, wastewater, solid waste systems, and technology.

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Circular Economy Engineering Processes
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Solid Waste Systems & Treatment Facilities
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Waste-to-Energy Systems
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Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems
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Renewable Energy Systems
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Sustainable Building Design
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Regenerative & Therapeutic Landscape
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Regenerative Agroforestry
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Digital Sustainability Processes

7. Monitorization & Maintenance Services

Periodically we monitor, track and report on performance by re-assessing the same indicators measured during the assessment and diagnostic phases.

8. Certification Support Services

We support your organisation through the certification process of certain systems, such as LEED, WELL, SITES, and others.

We Are Here to Serve

Our Premium Client Organisations

AMARNA Consulting serves organisations that are committed to leaving a legacy in the world that extends beyond profitability and growth. Who we serve is part of who we are, and for this reason, we are supportive of the organisations who see themselves as stewards of the planet’s evolution.

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Medium Enterprises

with a range between 500-1000 employees that want to grow their business and are prompt to play their regenerating role on the planet.

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Multinational Corporations

with more than 1000 employees, most and foremost that have employee’s engagement problems and a negative societal image and are willing to become a regeneration-driven organisation.

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Public Institutions & Private Funds

that want to promote sustainable and regenerative practices and projects.

We are here to support your organisation to thrive as an authentic organisation guided by its greater purpose that contributes to co-create a world geared towards regeneration.