We are Guided by Our Authentic
Heartfelt Purpose,

that aligns our individual purpose and the sense of collective mission to the evolution of all as a whole.

“The company has a soul made by the souls of each of its workers.”

--Lorenzo Servitje, Bimbo’s Founder

AMARNA Vida is an international organisation that consciously contributes to fulfil human and societal aspirations as part of the broader social system and champion a shared and regenerative economy for all its stakeholders.

As a result of a co-creation process, we defined AMARNA Vida’s purpose, vision and values in alignment with our own personal purpose, vision and values.

Our Purpose

Being a catalyst for the healing, transformation, and regeneration of individuals, organisations, communities, and the Planet.

Our Vision

Being an example as a regeneration-driven organisation that lives from a higher purpose, creates value to all that enables us to thrive, establishing the vision for a regenerative world.

Our Mission

Supporting and guiding individuals, organisations, and communities to embrace self-transformation by inspiring them to act in a consciously resilient way and hold a vision aligned with consciousness and regenerative principles.

We make the difference in learning, by nurturing and empowering individuals to be more healthy, balanced, resilient and conscious.

We advise, support, and inspire, in order to transform organisations to thrive as a regenerative living system, maximising stakeholders’ value, while contributing to a conscious 21st-century world.

We design creative solutions with communities in order to enhance their healing and regenerative role in the world.

Our Values

We are a values-driven organisation. Our values reflect the thinking of our founder and team members. They are the roots of our long-term strategy as an organisation and the way we serve our stakeholders on a daily basis.

Our Roots

We were inspired by the creation of the great city of ancient Egypt, Amarna, founded by Nefertiti and Akenathon, known for its innovations and revolutionary vision.

That’s why we are driven to contribute to a new paradigm, which establishes the interconnectedness between the people and the planet.

Our Symbols

We are inspired by the symbolic meaning of the “Tree of Life”, which represents the evolution of subjective consciousness from the world of “energetic spirit” to the world of “physical matter”. In our eyes, the world has to evolve by aligning consciousness with a cooperative approach that dynamically renews all life, by actively restoring ecosystems and supporting the local population to thrive.

We drive multi-stakeholders’ actions to contribute to 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Agenda targets, by linking the SDGs with our purpose, to drive broader systems transformation required to achieve the goals.