Our Stakeholders


We are Focused on Building
Authentic, Long-term and
Mutualistic Relationships

that benefit all of our stakeholders: executive team, the non-executive team, the board of advisors, investors, shareholders, partners, sponsors, suppliers, clients, communities, society, and the Planet.

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”


Together we co-create a new way where ecosystems come alive and people thrive.

Our Stewards & Managing Partners

We are the ones that are able to manage all critical areas of the organisation.

Our Associate Partners

We focus on what we’re best at and find
experts who complement our skills.

Our Board of Advisors

We are connected and engaged with the ones that help us make better, more effective, lower risk decisions and stick with AMARNA Vida’s Purpose and Vision.

Our Investors and Shareholders

We are supported by the ones that are willing to invest to accelerate the shift into a circular and regenerative economy which honors and sustains all life.

Our Organisational Partners

We work with other companies to bond efforts towards a more positive impact.

We work with platforms and public institutions that are change drivers.

We work and support non-profit organisations that are aligned with our Vision and Mission.

We work with universities and research institutions to inspire the next generation of experts.

Our Clients

We serve individuals, organisations and communities for them to thrive in a conscious and regenerative way.

Our Communities

We cultivate Self and Systemic awareness for the collective, regarding the fact that life consists of inter-relating, interconnected systems nested within each other.

Our Planet Earth

We actively partner and collaborate with nature and the intelligence rooted in it.