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Reconnect with your inner nature, start your self-regeneration, and become the co-creator of your health, balance, resilience, and wholeness.

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Becoming a Regeneration-Driven Leader of Your Life

AMARNA Academy creates programs for the transformation and evolution of you as an individual so that you can be more healthy, balanced, resilient, conscious, and leaders of your own life.

Each learning experience is designed to enhance connection, co-creation, and a sense of belonging and accountability, by focusing on the needs and challenges of our audience.

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Our Most Special Programs

The Jo.Co Program is a 10-month program that supports youth leadership development. It develops each young individual by responding to their need for the purpose by pairing them with a professional who serves as a mentor. Also, provides them with resources, skills, and a community for young people to interact with each other. The goal is for young people to become conscious and sustainable leaders, with a global perspective.

How AMARNA Academy Creates Value

1. By offering online programs
for your transformation at your pace

We help you unlock a new ability, behaviour, way of living, and have a better understanding of your personal and professional life. Through programs that involve training and coaching sessions, and last 4 to 5 weeks, 20 minutes a day, you have the opportunity to become the best version of yourself.

2. By addressing in person
Workshops, Bootcamps, Retreats, and Combined Programs

We help you go even deeper in your transformation process through in-person programs that take you on a vivid journey. Depending on the category, these can last from 1 to 5 days.

3. By being made by
‘real people’ just like you

We gathered the best teachers that went through their process of personal transformation. They are people that breathe, feel, have doubts, fail, endure, and succeed, just like you. But most of all, they are people who care and are here to serve you.

We Are Here to Transform

Our Prime Students

AMARNA Academy serves all the individuals that are willing to transform and become limitless. Our programs are customised to the needs of particular categories of customers.

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Young People

We support young people to build their self-esteem, self-confidence and to demonstrate their value and leadership skills, to become conscious leaders of their own lives, their organisations, their communities, and their countries.

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We offer customised programs for women to address their sense of self, empower themselves and have a balanced and fulfilled life. We take women major needs into consideration, from the ones that are very career-oriented to the ones that are mom-entrepreneurs, to the ones that retired, etc.

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Managers and Executives

We develop specific programs for managers and executives that want to develop their role as authentic and trustworthy leaders.

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Technical Experts, Trainers, Teachers, Coaches

We host a range of programs to architects, engineers, doctors, teachers, coaches, mentors, who wish to advance their research and practical understanding and skills.

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Family and Caregivers

We know that by recognising and promoting the voice of families and caregivers we can work together to better ensure the services that meet the needs of young people.

We are here to teach you how to thrive in this ‘new paradigm world’, by connecting you with a global learning network of heart-centred people, that help your transformation to build your best life, and co-create a regeneration-driven world.