Our Stories


Our Stories Make Us Realise the
Interdependence, Interconnectivity, and
the Dynamic Nature of Everything.

The insights gleaned from our stories are intended to help you to understand the recurring patterns of life in each one of us.

“Everything is a story. You are a story. Each one of us is a story”.

--Frances Hodgson Burnett

Our stories are what make us highly capable professionals, compassionate nurturers, enthusiastic change-makers, healthy individuals, and conscious human beings.

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Liliana Domingues

Managing Director & AMARNA Consulting Coordinator

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Sofia Caetano

AMARNA Village Sustainable Architecture Coordinator

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Beatriz Silva

Brand & Marketing Coordinator

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Estrella Luna Muñoz

AMARNA Academy Coordinator & Young People Mentor

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Miriam Garduño Pacheco

Youth Psychologist

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Alejandra Valdez


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Bo Lockwood

 Visionary Strategist