Our Village

AMARNA Village

Building Communities as Places Where Humans and Nature Live in a Mutualistic Relationship,

that actively restores ecosystems and supports people to thrive.

Be a Resilient and Regenerative Community.
Be a Self-reliant and Self-sustaining Community.
Be a Community that Keeps Innovating and Evolving Through Mutualistic Partnerships.
Be a Community that Has a Healing Role in the World.

AMARNA Village Community Services

Becoming a Regeneration-Driven Community

AMARNA Village offers a range of services with the purpose to re-awaken the spirit and soul of ‘Place’ within a community, in a way that brings greater meaning to any endeavour, so that the community is able to fulfil its unique vocation over time.

1. ‘History of the Place’ Assessment

From a quick review to a detailed assessment, we look at the place and community from geological, archaeological, and historical standpoints. We evaluate the possibilities and limits of the place.

We interview the community stakeholders about their hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the place and the community.

We also discuss suitable uses for the place, design ideas, and stewardship strategies. We determine the life cycle of the place.

2. Participative and Co-creative Process Facilitation

We engage the community and stakeholders in a participative and co-creative process of discovery and decision-making that promotes developmental learning.

3. Vision and Strategy Planning

We have a patterned understanding of the place and create a vision of the value-adding role of the community within its larger environment.
We help to identify goals, opportunities, and develop a clear vision and roadmap forward.

4. Design Services

We provide a wide range of design services, from large-scale master plans, to landscape details and construction documents.
For projects with a high level of complexity that involve multiple stakeholders and distinct phases over time, we co-create a plan that includes the vision, goals, site analysis and assessments, concepts, design guidelines, and phasing and management recommendations.
We also develop a site plan with a more detailed design focus, which arranges the specific details and their interrelationships, usually within a particular area of the place or community.

5. Project Management Services

We outline the best management practices for the unique features of the community.
We help coordinate and manage the installation process by working with contractors, architects, and engineers to bring the place designs to life.
We can help landowners install our designs. We can also provide management plans and maintenance guidance to help ensure a productive and thriving future for the place.

6. Community Engagement Activities

We coordinate and supervise community engagement activities for the creation of relationships that leverage existing assets and generate value in the long-term.
Our approach taps the native genius and the creativity of people by helping them reconnect to the uniqueness of the place, through art, technology, and education. This develops the combination of knowledge, skills, talents, values, and motivation to make a difference in the quality of life in a community.
The purpose is to unleash the untapped potential in people and place, by developing mutualistic relationships that aim at raising the value produced while increasing the human, social, environmental, financial, and produced capitals.
This approach augments and integrates the efforts of designers, community organisers, business alliances, neighbourhood activists, educators, and other stakeholders in the long-term health of a community.

Our Community Builders

AMARNA Village provides community expertise focused on learning, innovation, and the continual evolving of the place by creating beneficial interrelationships that improve the resiliency of an interconnected community.

We are here to serve

Our Foremost Client Communities

AMARNA Village serves communities that are willing to adopt a holistic perspective, integrating science, practice, and ways of knowing and perceiving ecological, social, cultural, spiritual, and geophysical components of living systems, as well as their spatial and temporal dynamics.

Living Lab’ Communities

With the global pandemic, there is an increased need for decentralized communities that drive experimentation to inspire a new way of life. These communities are designed from scratch to be self-sufficient, resilient, affordable, equitable, healthy, and regenerative.

Small Rural Areas

Rural areas that want to be a reference of a new heritage-led rural regeneration approach, by becoming laboratories for sustainable development. They are built on the enhancement of their unique cultural and natural heritage potential. These are areas that want to improve their ability to create and distribute wealth, support healthy businesses, as well as have their citizens live conscious and full lives, in perfect harmony with nature.

Urban Areas

City centres, former industrial areas, poor neighbour areas, inner-ring suburb areas that want to ‘raise the game’ in sustainable urban regeneration.

AMARNA Village Holos

Creating a Unique and Scalable Village Community

This ‘homeplace’ intends to be an example of a regenerative community that provides a diverse, harmonious society, based on a prosperous and conscious socio-economic system.

AMARNA Village Holos’ goal is to realise a village place, where people live, work, have fun, go shopping, etc. as a living-system deeply immersed in a myriad of ecosystem relationships within the community and beyond, where everything is interconnected.

AMARNA Village Holos’ concept is built on a foundation using an integrative design process that follows regenerative design patterns, principles and guidelines, based on their natural systems, in order to harmonise and evolve with nature.

We are presently in the design and planning stages and are working on funding proposals to continue the work.

Our intention is for AMARNA Village Holos to serve as an educational reference regarding regenerative principles and solutions, so that it can be scalable for other places to utilise, according to their local needs and conditions.

We deliver on-going value to the whole system in which a community is embedded, thereby contributing to a regeneration-driven world.